Indian Rodeo Cowboy Association Region 1 - Alberta Canada

* 2013 RODEO RESULTS / POINTS TO DATE - posted August 28, 2013
* IRCA Finals Dates: Sept 27, 28, & 29, 2013 (Location TBA)
* Chester Labelle Memorial Rodeo - September 21 & 22 - NEW
  Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Standoff Winter Series! (click each image to enlarge)
Cam Bruised Head Byron Bruised Head TC Crawler
Cam Bruisedhead - Bareback Champion Saddle Bronc Champion - Byron Bruisedhead
- accepted by Raven Shade
TC Crawler/Bullriding Champion
Calvin Fox Cammie Fox/HI Point Champion Dustin Bird/TD Champion
Calvin Fox/SBA Champion Cammie Fox/HI Point Champion Dustin Bird/TD Champion
Sonya Dodging Horse Cammie Fox/HI Point Champion Coral Crowchild
Sonya Dodging Horse/LBR Champion
- accepted by Lacey Bish
Cammie Fox/Ladies & Jr Brkaway Champion Coral Crowchild/JBR Champion
Dustin Bird Spider Ramone
* Steer Wrestling Champion - Jay Many Grey Horses (no picture)

* Steer Riding Champion - Rylan Red Crow (no picture)
Dustin Bird/TR Header Champion
- accepted by Shawn Bird
Spider Ramone/TR Heeling Champion  


* IRCA Rodeo Schedule
* if 2013 Cards have not been purchased, points will not count until date of Tour Card Purchase.
* IRCA is also honoring the CPRA Blacklist so all IRCA members who are on this list must clear their names before next rodeo date.
* Letter from the IRCA President regarding 2011 Rule Changes
... details
To download a copy of the
2010 INFR Rulebook(s), go to:
Rodeo Approvals
The IRCA board is in the process of finalizing an approval form.

Additional Rodeos
Additional Rodeos will be posted once confirmations received.

The board requests that all rodeo committees wishing to host a rodeo contact the IRCA office at least 3 weeks in advance of the event.
The committee would like to thank the 2010 Standoff Winter Series sponsors:

Major Sponsors
-Buckles & Saddle
Kainai Ag. Society
Pete Standing Alone
Pat Wolf Family
Mike Day Chief
Black Water Crude Trucking (Levi Black Water Jr.)
Chey's Hair Salon (Ann Black Water)
Clarence Black Water Jr. Trish Black Water Family
Bo Wells Cheyenne Black Water Family

Sponsors-Event Purse
Indian Business Corp.
Kaniai Community Corrections Society
Kainaiwa Band Administration
Kainaiwa Children's Services Corp.
Blood Tribe Family & Community Support Services
Jennifer Vielle
Debbie Dixon

Thanks as well to the:
Standoff Winter Series Committee for hosting the four rodeos:
Clarence Blackwater
Trish Blackwater
Bo Wells
Cheyenne Blackwater
Lane Little Bear
Richie Blackwater
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